Choose a compact city
Comfortable, safe to live
Cheaper than Tokyo
2 hours and half from Tokyo


In the local city, but high education level, the reasons are
①High pass rate for tests
   Tests of Dressmaking Technique Upper level 100%
   Tests of Fashion Sales Management Second level 100%
   Tests of Pattern Making Technique Third level 100%
   Tests of Pattern Making Technique Second level 67%
②Receiving awards in the fashion competitions
③Getting jobs all over the country
④Studying and working abroad


Fashion technical course
Technical MD course
Costume art course
Fashion retailing course

School expenses/year (JPY)
①Entrance fee \250,000
②Course fee \660,000
③Expense of extra training \120,000
④Money for maintenance of facilities \120,000
⑤Money for course materials about \100,000

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
(Scholarships by JASSO)

Matsumoto [ i ] Design Scholarships
Japanese Test  = At the score of 90 and above, reduce \500,000 of School expenses

We have Student dormitory, very near to School and you can walk. As compared to the living cost of Tokyo, you can live inexpensively.


School Information &Inquiry
Matsumoto [ i ] Design Fashion Institute of Technology
2-1-12 chuo matsumoto-city NAGANO JAPAN
Tel: +82 263 32 4057
Fax: +82 263 35 6138